Private / Semi Private Rooms
Our private / semi private rooms have been designed for your comfort. The view of the Margalla Hills from
the wide glass windows add to the ambience of the rooms.

    • Remote Controlled beds that you can adjust as per your comfort and convenience
    • Nursing Call Button in toilet and next to bed


  • Meals and Dietary consultations
  • 24 hour housekeeping services
  • Comfortable furniture for attendants
  • Wooden Cabinet
  • Television
  • Fridge and Minibar
  • Telephone for receiving and dialing calls from your room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Intercom for internal communication
  • Prayer Rug
  • The Holy Quran and Bible can be made available on request
  • Facilities at KIH
  • Home Based Nursing


Ambulance Service
The Hospital offers 24 hour ambulance services. The ambulance is equipped with surgical stretchers, oxygen and crash tray
with a nurse accompanying the patient.

Nutritionist/ Dietitian Service
Dietitian is involved in providing effective, evidence based nutritional assessment, dietary advice and support to patients.
We aim to educate and support those using our service, helping patients to achieve their nutritional goals, working in a
manner that is centred on the needs of our users

Patient Kitchen
We aim to provide balanced, nutritious and healthy meals for inpatients and outpatients. Food is prepared by
professional chefs.

Patient Wards
Shared beds (wards) are also available to suit your needs. Our wards are affordable yet provide you with the same comfort and care that we maintain in the Private or Semi Private room. Each ward has not more than three beds with each bed
separated by a curtain hence ensuring privacy.

Infection control28
Infection control is an essential part of quality health care. KIH has appropriate infection control practices in places to minimize infections. Antiseptic hand wash is conveniently located throughout the hospital for the use of staff, patients and visitors. As soon as the room is vacated by the patient the fumigation department completely dis- infects the room.

Special Physiotherapy care and home nursing care can be provided upon request to such discharged patients who need
personalized care in the comfort of their home during the immediate recovery period.

Gifts Service
At KIH, we not only strive to keep you in good spirits but we also take care of the feelings of your dear ones. Your relatives and friends are encouraged to send bouquets, greeting cards and small gifts through our gift service and we will ensure that they are immediately passed on to the respective rooms, except flowers which shall be placed on the nursing counter.

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