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Early Detection of Breast Cancer is the Best Protection

Breast Cancer awareness workshop was conducted by Dr. Shaukat Durrani (Consultant – Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Surgeon) at Kulsum International Hospital on March 26th, 2016. Message of the day was “Early Detection is the best protection”. An interactive session was arranged to teach female staff on how to perform self-breast examination. Dr. Shaukat highlighted the importance of early detection of breast cancer which could save thousands of lives. According to him, Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia where 40,000 women die each year and out of those 70% are presented with advance stage. Treatment of breast cancer is very costly.


Physical manifestations of anxiety and depression- A challenge for healthcare professionals

At workplace, anxiety and depression may negatively affects the task performance, thinking process, emotions, work relationships and importantly physical health. KIH considers its every employee an asset. A workshop with the theme “Physical manifestations of anxiety and depression- A challenge for healthcare professionals” was organized for KIH employees by Dr. Nadeem Rehman (Consultant Gastroenterology, KIH) and Dr. Shakil Malik (Senior Clinical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation & Teaching Trust Senior; Lecturer King’s College London). Objective of this session was to create awareness about the prevalence and manifestation of anxiety and depression. It will be followed by a series of workshops with the aim to develop coping strategies and prevent burnout in health care professionals.


New Consultants

Dr. Nadeem Rehman

Dr. Nadeem Rehman is a consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist who has been trained in UK (London). He is an Interventional Gastroenterologist belonging to the elite group of UK endoscopists who have specialist accreditation to perform bowel cancer screening. He has wide range of experience of treating complex Hepatitis including Liver Transplant assessment and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with conventional and biologic treatments. He is also establishing multidisciplinary services to treat inflammatory bowel disease and bariatric conditions to make KIH a centre of excellence.

Dr. Mamoon Qadir

Dr. Mamoon Qadir has recently joined Kulsum International Hospital as a Consultant Cardiologist (Interventional and Advance Pacing). He is young yet experienced professional with impressive portfolio. He is a Gold Medalist of Medicine (MBBS), MCPS, MRCP (UK) and MRCPS (Glasgow). He completed his Interventional Cardiology (Angioplasty, PCI etc.) Fellowship  from UK. In addition to this, recently he attained BHRS Accreditation in Pacemakers and Devices (i.e. DDDR, ICD, CRT, CRTD & Pacemaker Troubleshooting) from Birmingham, UK. He is committed to take over Cardiology Services of KIH to a next level and participating actively in our primary Angioplasty services.

Dr. Dur-e-Shehwar Sikandar

Dr. Dur-e-Shehwar Sikandar is a consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist. She is MCPS and did her MD from PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences). She has also done training of Aesthetics from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA). In addition to the treatment of diseases of skin, hair and nail; she does her aesthetic practice in Botox, filters, lasers, chemical peels, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair loss, whitening therapies and anti-aging therapies.

Dr. Yasmin Naqvi

Dr. Yasmin Naqvi is a certified Speech Language Pathologist and Therapist. She has an experience of 13 years in handling children with learning disabilities including Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Stammering, Stuttering and Impaired Speech. With an MS in Speech Language Pathology, she provides competent consultancy to Children with learning disabilities, hearing impairment, adults with speech language disorders, stroke patients with swallowing difficulties and compromised speech as well.


Health is Happiness

Kulsum International Hospital does not only treat the illness but also encourages the wellness. KIH celebrated health week with the theme “Health is Happiness” in collaboration with Safa Gold Mall Islamabad from 5th to 8th November, 2015. A stall was placed in the mall to educate the community about different diseases and their remedies. Free blood sugar and blood pressure check of hundreds of visitors was done on the kiosk. Education material was also distributed for the education and future use of the visitors.


Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss surgery which is achieved through reducing size of the stomach. It helps obese patients to regain normal and healthy life. First two Bariatric Surgeries were conducted at KIH by experienced General Surgeons. Results for both of the surgeries were encouraging and patients felt considerable improvement in their body weight.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif performed 1st Surgery of a female patient having weight 115 Kg and height 160 cm with BMI 45.

2nd Surgery was performed by Dr. Atif Inam Shami of a female patient having weight 118 Kg and height 165 cm with BMI 43.


For consultations regarding Obesity and Bariatric Surgery, call 051-8446666.


New Consultants

We welcome new consultants who have joined KIH lately. All these consultants are from various departments having exceptional skills and high standing in healthcare arena.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif

Dr. Muhammad Hanif is one of the highly reputed General Surgeons in the region. He is Professor of Surgery and Head of Department at Benzir Bhutto Hospital. He has an experience of Laparoscopic Surgery and Liver transplant with remarkable results.

Dr. Muhammad Akram

Dr. Muhammad Akram is a senior Consultant Cardiologist with years of experience in diversified cultures. He has led reputable healthcare institutions in UK, Germany and Saudi Arabia on very senior positions. He did his specialization from UK and received his Fellowship in Cardiac CT from Germany.

Dr. Aamir Ghazanfar

Dr. Aaamir Ghazanfar is a General Surgeon and senior consultant with extensive experience in renal transplant. He has done his specialization from Glasgow (UK). Currently, he is the head of department General Surgery at KRL Hospital Islamabad.


Medical Director – KIH

Dr. Shazli Manzoor has been appointed as a Medical Director of KIH. He is a renowned Pulmonologist and one of the senior consultants in the region. Management feels pleasure to have him on board. His expertise will give a definite edge to KIH.


World Heart Day: A Healthy Heart… A Healthy Life

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death which kills 17.3 million people every year. 80% of these deaths occur in developing and under developed countries. In Pakistan, 200,000 people die of CVD every year which is 40% of total deaths occur. Being a trendsetter in healthcare sector and a renowned cardiac center, Kulsum International Hospital celebrated World Health Day with a slogan “A healthy Heart… A Healthy Life”.

Patients, attendants and all the community was encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle and communicated about the risk factors attributed to CVD. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities like these will be continued for the well-being of the community.


KIH Nursing Care

Nurses take care of patients and they are involved in stability of a patient’s life. Nursing is considered one of the challenging professions. It is a continuous business which never ends.

Nursing Department at KIH is known for its exceptional care and it strives to maintain standards. To assure the quality, adequate nurse patient ratio is maintained, infection prevention & control practices are promoted, safe medical administration is practiced, pressure ulcer is kept to minimal level and capacity building of staff is kept on priority. Under the guidance of Ms. Salimah Jalal Baig (Chief of Nursing Services, KIH) trainings were conducted for the staff which include BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification, 12 leads ECG course and ACLS Mega Code.


Renewal of IBTA License

Inspection team of Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority (IBTA) has visited KIH Blood Bank lately for the renewal of license for next year 2015-2016. KIH Blood Bank was initially licensed on 1st April, 2014.