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Chairperson-Saif Healthcare Limited

With great professional and personal pride, I welcome our patients to a healthcare facility which is dedicated to becoming a transformational healing presence in our community.

Our team of internationally qualified medical and surgical staff is committed to providing our patients excellent healthcare with genuine care and compassion in an environment where patients and their families are welcomed and respected.

At KIH one of our goals is to be more than just a quality hospital delivering medical services to the premium segment of the Federal Capital Area. We are focused on becoming the premier healthcare system in the region where Kulsum International Hospital is renowned for valuing first and foremost the safety, recovery and dignity of our patients.

Director Saif Group of Companies


Advisor-Saif Healthcare Limited

Our values are strengthened by some exceptional practices which give us firm grounds where we stand today. We have maintained our focus on providing high quality healthcare services with proactive approach. Our success recipe is the team work which includes highly trained medical staff, well informed hospital staff and most importantly our hospital board. We worked along with healthcare professionals, on making changes which facilitated patients and enhanced ease for them. We restructured our quality department to emphasize on quality care while maintaining international standards, which is our trademark practice.

We have accomplished international standards of patient safety and care. Kulsum International Hospital is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We focused on the capacity building of all employees by training and development to deliver services to the community in an effective way. Providing affordable healthcare is our mission and it has been in focus since the inception of Kulsum International Hospital.

Chief Executive Officer Kulsum International Hospital


Chief Executive Officer-Saif Healthcare Limited

Kulsum International Hospital is a cardiac and general healthcare facility located in heart of Islamabad and renders services at tertiary level in various specialties. Under the strong and resilient leadership of Dr. Iqbal Saifullah Khan, in 2011, it was decided to establish a facility which provides cost effective healthcare services meeting international standards. Kulsum International Hospital has been a trend setter in providing exceptional healthcare services to the community and remained focused on improving our patient’s health and quality of life in an extraordinary way.

Equipment is the vital resource but people are its heart and soul. Our physicians, surgeons, nurses, paramedical staff and support service staff put compassion which goes hand in hand with technology to make our patients’ lives safer and healthier.