KIH Manager Path Lab, Mr. Asim Ansari contributes to “Serological Techniques in Immunology” published in the US

We are happy to announce that Mr. Asim Ansari’s, Manager Path Lab, contributive work, “Serological Techniques in Immunology”, has been published in the U.S. Serological Techniques in Immunology has been prepared based on the existing curriculum of Serology for Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. It is a description of lectures and handouts pertinent to this discipline. The authors have tried to put their best possible academic knowledge and fanatical practical experience to make the subject book comprehensible for the forthcoming medical technologists. Serological Techniques in Immunology is distinguished from the already existing books in its way of narration, even very complex topics are described in such an explicit way that students would feel ease in reading and comprehension. The laboratory tests have been outlined very briefly, to the point and can easily be opted for developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The entire text of the book is also justified by providing rational references at the end. Serological Techniques in Immunology would definitely revive the reading tendency of the students and optimize the practical proficiency of laboratory practitioners.
The book is available to purchase on and will soon be available in Pakistan.