Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Department:
Our vision is to go beyond the expectations of our patients and customers with the clinical expertise, service, compassion, education, and caring that one expects from a premier clinical nutrition and food service department. Nutrition Services is committed to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, by providing you a great tasting meal and courteous service. We strive for excellence! Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.
The department provide meals and snacks for patients, staff, guests and visitors. The Food and Nutrition Service Department staff takes great care to prepare and provides meals for patients, visitors and hospital staff. Our primary objective is to provide a personal approach to quality food and nutritional services to Kulsum international Hospital patients that meet individualized nutritional and therapeutic requirements. The Department of Nutrition and Food Services provides nutrition care, advice and education to patients while they are in the hospital and after they are discharged.

Nutrition Services

Inpatient Service.
The department coordinates all aspects of patients’ nutritional care and provides attractive, nutritious meals made with high quality ingredients. In addition, we strive to offer a variety of menus to meet the preferences and needs of our patients. Menu options include vegetarian, heart-healthy, sodium-restricted, diabetic, gluten-free, liver cirrhosis and kidney diets. All varity of diets are suggested by the dietitian according to patient need and condition. Our team of nutritionist and dietary assistants is available to assist patients with any nutritional concerns. Dietitian work closely with patients to provide comprehensive nutritional care that will promote recovery. She evaluates the need for specialized diets and provides thorough education for any nutrition prescription. Upon admission, dietetic technicians identify specific needs and accommodate dietary requests. Dietary assistants visit patients daily to take meal orders and food service aides deliver meal trays. Dietitian work closely with physicians, nurses and other professional staff to meet a person’s nutritional needs. All newly-admitted hospital patients are screened for nutritional risk and offered nutrition education as indicated

The department provides nutritional assistance for medical conditions such as:
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Wounds and skeletal injuries
• Kidney disease.

Outpatient Services
Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of many common diseases. Our nutritionists are specialized in many nutritional areas. Comprehensive diet therapy is available for, but not limited to, the following:
• Orthopedic and Rheumatic Diseases
• Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment
• Disordered Eating
• Sports Nutrition
• Weight Management
• Elevated Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• High Blood Pressure
• Other problems related to nutrition
The outpatient nutritional counseling program focuses on helping individuals learn to make healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. Weight management, sports nutrition and eating disorders counseling is also available. A physician referral is not required for individual outpatient nutrition counseling

We have café for refreshment of our hospital staff .where they enjoy their meal and snack in their break time. The patient attendant’s is welcome at Cafe, which has a posted weekly menu and is open 24/7. We offer catering services for hospital-related and medical staff functions.

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