Urology is a surgical specialty, covering the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. The Department of Urology at KIH is offering comprehensive multi disciplinary urologic care. Our trained urologists at KIH perform numerous complex and unique procedures each year. Our department has a dedicated and experienced team working to ensure the best possible patient care every day like surgery for stone diseases endo urological procedures for prostate gland, reconstructive procedures and arteriovenous fistula formation for renal failure patients while remaining focused on identifying new treatments and cures according to recent advances in the field of urology i.e.: not only offered for current population of urological patients but for the future generations as well.


  • Open & Minimal invasive Stone Surgeries
  • Endo Urological Surgeries for Prostate gland
  • Modern minimal invasive surgeries for urological cancers
  • Reconstructive surgeries for congenital abnormalities
  • Management of Renal Failure patients
  • State of the art surgeries for Infertile patients
  • Management of sexual dysfunctions
  • Sex counseling
  • Uroradiological procedures
  • Diagnostic services

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