Chest wall deformities. Reconstructive surgery offerred at kih

You don’t have to take surgical appointment abroad now. You are offered state of art chest wall reconstruction procedures at KIH Islamabad. Be it an incurved or out curved (Pigeon Chest Deformity) of chest wall since childhood or a deformity you have noticed in your kids while they were changing their shirts. It may also be a freshly diagnosed chest wall (Ribs) tumor which is growing in size.

We are offering a very safe Sterno Chondroplasty procedure for cosmetic repair of chest wall. For chest wall tumors complete excision with repair of defect using titanium or bone cement plates, are being performed here.

The incurved chest wall deformity (Pectus Excavatum) presses significantly on heart and displaces it to one side. This leads to shortness of breath and palpitation especially on exertion like rapid walk or running. For correction of this it is advisable that the earliest age of surgery is after 10 years when the skeleton starts to mature. The procedure is associated with minimal complications. The NUSS procedure is losing popularity due to its complications and high recurrence rate of deformity.

For chest wall tumors/cancers the principle is complete removal with margin of healthy tissues. Usually the residual defects end up large. We use titanium plates or bone cement plates for reconstruction and coverage of these defects. These procedures are done at this prestigious institution, with reassurance of complete and swift recovery. 

This was a young college student who had massive deformities of ribs and sterum leading to incurved deformity. You can see the significant improvement in shape of chest wall using two metal plates. The patient is attending his collage with normal appearance of chest now.