Spinal Surgery

Human spine is a complex structure, made up of 33 individual bones known as “Vertebra”. These are supported and connected together by ligaments and muscles, giving them the stability and flexibility it needs to function and move. It also provides a protective shield to the spinal cord – a highway of nerves that connect s body and brain.

London Spine Unit at Kulsum International Hospital
Spinal diseases, mainly back pain, are usually uncomfortable and can be debilitating. The renowned Spinal Surgeon Dr. Mohammed Akmal from United Kingdom has established London Spine Unit at Kulsum International. He conducts spine clinic and perform complex procedures to treat back pain, traumas and deformities.

Consultant Profile
Dr. Mohammed Akmal
MBBS, MD, FRCS (Ortho), CCST (UK),
Fellowship Spinal Surgery (UK)

Consultant Trauma, Orthopaedics and Spinal Surgery,
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
Director, London Spine Unit
London, United Kingdom.