The feeling of being able to nurture your new born, to provide them the Basic Life Syrup (BLS) to add value to their life by giving first vaccination is match-less.

We are filled with gratitude for our creator “Almighty ALLAH” when we know that breast milk, our new born’s first and most suitable feed, the mother’s milk starts to be secreted as early as 20 weeks of gestation. Thereafter, at whatever gestation period the babies are born, the mother’s milk is the most suitable and balanced diet for them.

The mother to be has basic right that she should be prepared for future breast feeding. Her gynecologist or her neonatologist should educate her regarding breastfeeding, including diet, posture, care, process, dos and don’ts and post-feeding needs. They should respond to the queries and concerns of the mother to be, well ahead of time.  She should be counselled regarding benefits of breast feeding for her new born.

  • BF (Breast Feeding) encourages a very strong bond between the two.
  • BF components in the first ten days (The colostrum) are very special. Colostrum lines the whole intestine of the baby protects it from diseases, so is rightly called the first vaccination.
  • Breast milk is at the ideal temperature for the new born. There is absolutely no chance of contamination or infection during production or consumption of the breast milk.
  • BF helps regress uterine size back to normal.
  • BF leads to delayed menstrual cycle thus preventing anemia, in mother.
  • BF is very cheap, rather not expensive at all. Just demands healthy diet for mother
  • ALLAH’s commandment of feeding your off spring for 30 months is fulfilled and is hence a practical way of thanks giving.
  • Baby develops into healthy, active and intelligent individual through breast feeding.
  • BF helps prevent breast cancer.
  • BF babies have less chances of Colic.  

Amazing Fact: Constituents of milk change in each feeding episode, according to the needs of the baby.

Fore Milk: Initially the thin and watery milk quenches thirst of the baby.

Hind Milk: Milk coming thereafter, i.e. after few minutes of feeding becomes more whitish and thick. As it has more fats and proteins, this milk ensures satiety in baby, who feeds well and sleeps well and is less fussy.

Family Support: Family support is ofutmost importance.

  • The family members should know these amazing facts.
  • They should help her feed baby by providing comfortable friendly environment.
  • No negative comments regarding breast feeding failure.
  • No gossips or myths in favour of not feeding baby.
  • An encouraging spouse is a blessing and has equal role in successful establishment of BF.
  • Be patient, teach her well, and take her to a sympathetic counsellor, her neonatologist.

Dr. Naveed Butt