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We recognize the importance of holistic wellness, which goes beyond simply being free from illness. It involves taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Through thorough medical evaluations and advanced diagnostic tests, we strive to leave no stone unturned in identifying the underlying reasons for any health concerns you may have.

By actively managing your health now, you are proactively working towards a future that is healthier and more fulfilling.

General Health Profile

Take charge of your well-being with our General Health Profile package!


Tailored by top specialists, an all-encompassing package that is your first step in proactive health management:

  • Blood CP
  • Chem 7
  • ECG
  • HBA1C
  • Lipid Profile
  • LFT
  • TSH
  • Urine R/E
  • Vitamin D

You’re not just getting tests that are meticulously designed to monitor your body’s core systems, but a roadmap to lasting wellness!

Rs. 20,450

Cardiac Profile

Your heart is the engine of life!

Our ‘Cardiac Profile’ package is meticulously designed to check its performance with precision, and detect potential issues early:

  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG
  • Echo
  • ETT
  • Trop I
  • CK-MB

Take a step towards cardiovascular excellence!

Rs. 20,300

Chest Profile

Secure your respiratory wellness with a comprehensive Chest Profile!

This package delivers crucial insights, equipping you to optimize your lung function:

  • Blood CP
  • Chest X-ray
  • PFT
  • igE

Embrace the clarity of complete respiratory health!

Rs. 7,850

Bone Profile

Fortify your frame with our ‘Bone Profile’ package!


This essential array of tests is curated to assess your bone metabolism, ensuring your framework is as resilient as you are:

  • ALP
  • Calcium
  • PTH
  • Vitamin D

Don’t leave your bone health to chance; stride into a future of strength and stability.

Rs. 9,450

Diabetes Profile

Stay one step ahead with our Diabetes Profile package!

Tailored to provide a holistic view of your blood sugar management, this profile includes crucial markers that track your glucose control and kidney health.

  • Blood Sugar
  • Creatinine
  • HBA1C
  • Urine ACR


By monitoring these key indicators, you can tailor your lifestyle for optimal health.

Rs. 6,450

Kidney Profile

Give your kidneys the care they deserve with a Kidney Profile package!

This package goes beyond the basics, combining meticulous blood work and detailed urine examination:

  • Blood CP
  • Calcium
  • Chem 7
  • Phosphate
  • Urine R/E
  • Ultrasound KUB

Our thorough approach ensures you stay ahead of kidney health concerns.

Rs. 10,250

Liver Profile

Revitalize your liver’s health with our Liver Profile package!


From comprehensive liver function tests to screenings for hepatitis, coupled with detailed abdominal ultrasound, here’s a complete view of your liver’s well-being:

  • LFTs
  • Anti HCV
  • Ultrasound Abdomen

Secure your health with an in-depth liver assessment!

Rs. 11,750

Hormonal Profile

Empower your essence with our in-depth Hormonal Profile package!

Focused on the key male and female hormones, this package provides a holistic view of your reproductive and thyroid health:

  • Testosterone
  • TSH

Price: Rs.3,900

  • Extradiol
  • LH
  • FSH
  • TSH
  • Prolactin

Price: Rs.10,450