Kulsum International Hospital has an outstanding team of highly qualified doctors supported by professional staff experienced in their respective fields and is equipped with advanced medical and surgical technology.
I took my sister to KIH. As soon as we walked in, I thought i should have brought more money with me so what a pleasant surprise it was to find out that the consultation fee was for Rs.1500 (£10) & Blood tests were for Rs.3000 (£20). The Hospital was spotless and was being ran in a most professional manner, The consultant Dr. Chawdhry Mohammad Shafi was an absolute gentleman. The medicine he prescribed was the latest and really helped my sister with her ailment.
Just a brief and most inadequate note on behalf of Shahin and myself to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the team of Doctors, Paramedics and Nursing Staff at the Kulsum International Hospital (KIH). Care and attention accorded to Shahin during her recent surgery and post operative treatment is un-matchable and way above the expectations. Of these, our grateful thanks go particularly to Professor Dr. Javed Butt, Gastroenterologist, Dr. M. A. Zahid, Surgeon, Brig, (Retd) Omer, Radiologist and Dr. Shahani, Anesthetist. Shahin and I have not stopped praising KIH for its high standards of healthcare services and care to our friends and family. You have our good wishes and prayers for continued success with maintaining a true center of excellence for imparting medical health services in the region.
I am an Irish Physiotherapist . Personal care given to my daughter at this hospital was wonderful. It was a spotless room and the professional attention to detail was excellent from the nursing staff. I can favorably compare the service we received with any hospital anywhere in the world.
It was an awesome experience visiting Kulsum International Hospital.
Better services than other any other hospital in the region!