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Patient & Customer Services

One of the hallmarks of KIH is exceptional experience of its patients and customers. Training session was organized for development of customer care teams by KIH HR Department. Mr. Malik Nasir Nawaz, well known trainer from healthcare sector, trained customer services teams. Key aims include effective communications and situation tackling in context to healthcare customer services.

Training on Customer Services

Customer services and customer convenience are the roadways to satisfaction. We, at KIH, firmly believe in providing excellent services to our valued customers. To strengthen these skills and set new trends in the industry, Mr. Hanif Jamil (Deputy Manager HR, Saif Healthcare Limited) organized training on Customer Services. Teams from various departments were involved and trained in these sessions. Mr. Shumail Sikander (Quality Assurance Officer, KIH) was the lead trainer. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan (CEO, Saif Healthcare Limited) and Ms. Ishrat Majeed (Senior Manager HR, Saif Healthcare Limited) distributed certificates among participants.

Patient Safety – Adding value to care

1 in 10 patients gets affected due lack of patient safety practices around the world. Patient safety works towards mitigating the common clinical risks. Kulsum International Hospital firmly believes in making lives of patients safe. A workshop was conducted by KIH Human Resource Department for the medical staff on 6th June, 2015. Mr. Shumail Sikander (Quality Assurance Department) trained the workshop participants. Aim of arranging this session was to orientate and update the staff with latest patient safety practices.

Transforming Managers in to Leaders

John C. Maxwell defines leader as one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Managers in corporate world need to be more visionary and dynamic than ever. KIH Human Resource Department organized a workshop “Transforming Manager in to Leaders” on May 23rd 2015. All the departmental heads were trained by Mr. Shumail Sikander (Quality Assurance Department). Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan (Chief Executive Officer) and Ms. Ishrat Majeed Tareen (Senior Manager HR) distributed certificates among participants.